Go! Groups

GO! Groups are designed to inject our calling as followers of Christ into our daily life. They are small gatherings of 4-5 people on a weekly basis within your circle of influence.

FALL Quarter Go! Groups
(September - November)

The Last Supper

This time, we join the disciples during the Last Supper to hear Jesus deliver His final instructions before leaving earth. He teaches us what we need to know as we continue on His mission of making disciples into disciple makers everywhere. He not only commissions us with this great mission, He also offers us all the resources we need in order to accomplish it.

Week 1—John 13:1-20
Week 2—John 13:21-28
Week 3—John 14:1-14
Week 4—John 14:15-31
Week 5—John 15:1-17
Week 6—John 15:18-27
Week 7—John 16:1-15
Week 8—John 16:16-33

Follow this simple meeting plan:

1. GIVE THANKS—Share one thing you are thankful for this week. Discover God’s fingerprints on your life.

2. ONE VERSE—Write down one verse and what God is challenging you to put into practice from that verse.

3. PRAY—Pray for 5 people in your life that need God in their life.

4. BLESS—Over the next week, bless one person by helping, visiting, or showing them hospitality.